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How to set up website tracking with Xajeet

You can add your website to track in Xajeet, in the Admin Websites section. In fact, Xajeet scales well to thousands of websites, and a few Xajeet users are taking advantage of the detailed reports and screen recordings we provide to track app usage.

Each Website is defined by a URL. You can track sub domains in the same Xajeet account, or you can create a different Account for some of your subdomains.

Step 1: Sign In With Your Credentials #

Step 2: Select “Sites” From The Left Sidebar Menu #

After login you will be redirected to the successful login message page.

A left sidebar will be present on every page from now on.

Click on “Sites” to add a new website.

Step 3: #

Step X: Go to “View Your Account Details” #

On this screen, click on

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