How do I pronounce Xajeet?

ex-AH-jeet. Xajeet stems from the early 17th Century Greek word, exegesis, which means to interpret or explain. 

How do I get started?

Once you have signed up, go to your account settings and add the URL for the website you would like to track. To install the container, copy and paste the code provided into the header of all your pages.

Are there limitations to how much data I can access?

All of our plans come with unlimited team members, personalized dashboards, goal tracking, session recordings and heat maps; however, your data usage depends on which plan you choose. You can learn more here.

How do I track website visitors?

  • Overview provides a high level picture of visits over time
  • Visit Log provides detailed visitor tracking at an elemental level with a cascading view
    • You can see each element interaction, including a replay of recorded sessions
  • Real-Time shows if visitors are on track or if they are “lost” in the digital journey 
    • Pro tip: The more elements you see, the longer your visitors are wandering on your site
  • User IDs allow you to search for a specific customer based on a given email address

How do I look up a specific visitor?

You can access User IDs under the Visitors tab on your dashboard. This will show you a list of website visitors who entered their email address during the selected reporting period. To find a specific visitor, click the green search icon on the bottom left hand side and enter the email address.

How do I analyze visitor behavior?

Hover over the User ID and click any of the green icons to view more detailed metrics. The Visitor Profile shows a detailed overview of the visitor’s interactions with your website over time, including how long they have been engaged, how many times they have returned to the site and what elements they interacted with. The Segmented Visit Log shows a detailed log of every visit associated with the User ID. You can click the Play Button icon to replay recorded sessions. Row Evolution shows the user’s engagement over time.

How do I set up my dashboard? 

Select the website, segment filter and date period you would like to analyze. By default, the segment filter includes all views, but you can add custom segments to narrow in on your personal goals. You can customize your dashboard by adding widgets, like SEO analysis, so that you are viewing the metrics that are most important to you.

What are segment filters? 

The default dashboard gives you a comprehensive overview of all your visitors. Segment filters allow you to set parameters around your data so you can focus on specific areas that matter most to you. For example, you can run reports for every lead you have purchased or every user who visited a certain page. 

What is a goal?

Goals are custom milestones or business objectives tracked across the site that can serve as analytical success metrics. They can include visiting a certain page or performing a certain action, for example, submitting a form or requesting more information. Whatever your specific goals are, you can monitor and track how visitors are using your site and make adjustments to get the results you want. 

What are heat maps? 

Heat maps are visual representations of complex data that show where your customers are spending time on your site. They pinpoint “high” and “low” traffic points so you can see where users are clicking, scrolling or getting stuck on your site. 

What are session recordings?

Session recordings let you watch the customer journey unfold. These are screen recordings that show how visitors interact with and use your website so you can understand and improve your user experience. 

Why am I seeing an outdated version of my website on heat maps or session recordings? 

This happens when a recording references a style sheet (CSS) that is no longer there. Please contact us if this occurs.

What are transitions?

Transitions show you the internal flow of traffic, for example, how a user found you or where they abandoned your site. 

Why am I seeing “keyword not defined” in my SEO report?

The keywords and phrases that were used to find your site are hidden or protected by the search engine. 

What operating system is the platform compatible with?

The platform is browser based so it is compatible with all modern browsers.

Can I try the service for free?

We offer a free trial with limited session recordings and visibility. Click here to access the free trial.

What do you have available for larger accounts?

Our Enterprise Plan can be fully customized to meet your requirements.

How do I change or cancel my subscription?

Subscription changes can be made any time in the My Account section. Once a subscription is cancelled, the services and tools of your plan will still be available through the expiration date of the account. You will not be billed again after cancellation. You can upgrade or cancel your account at any time with no further obligation and you will continue to have subscription access until that subscription period ends.

What if I have specific questions?

For additional support, please send an email to sales@xajeet.

Whether you’re interested in seeing your customers’ click-by-click journey or monitoring your conversion rate, click here to try it for free.