• Sessions recordings that are older than 24 months will now be automatically deleted.
  • New widgets are available:
    • Added ‘Combined Keywords’ and ‘Web keyword on Google’ widgets on Acquisition > Search Engines and keywords tab.
    • Added SEO Vitals tab under Acquisition.
    • Added ‘Site Performance’, ‘Performance overview’, ‘Page URLs’ and ‘Page Titles’ on Behavior > Site Performance tab.
    • Added ‘Event Actions’, ‘Events Categories’ and ‘Event Names’ on Behavior > Events tab.
    • Added ‘Operating System Families’ on Visitors > Software > Operating System Versions tab.
    • Added ‘Browser Version’, ‘Browser Plugins’ and ‘Browser Engines’ on Visitors > Software > Browsers tab.
    • Added Entry Pages tab on Behavior.
    • Added ‘Exit pages titles’ on Behavior > Exit pages tab.
    • Added ‘Visits By Day Of The Week’ and ‘Visits Per Hour In The Site’s Timezone’ on Behavior > Times tab.
    • Added ‘Campaign Ids’, ‘Campaign Groups’ and ‘Campaign Placements’ on Acquisition > Campaign tab.
    • Group Location’s widgets on same page on Visitors > Location.


  • Issues with navigation collapsing/expanding on the sidebar menu have been resolved.
  • Unnecessary scrollbar on widgets has been removed.