Get more out of the customer base you already have with thoughtful insight and a clear path forward.

Xajeet can help you feel confident knowing that your business decisions are data-driven.

Top Benefits

Direction and Clarity

Clearly identify and articulate your customer’s journey.

Increased Conversion Rates

Dive deep into the customer experience to define objectives, source and solve business problems, and ultimately decrease friction in the conversion process.

Fact-Driven Business Decisions

Let your customer contribute to the story of “what is best for them.”

Top Features

Dashboard & KPI's

From high-level, sweeping views to real-time, in the moment granular insight into a customer’s behavior, Xajeet offers a clear perspective on it all.

Image of dashboard showing KPIs
Custom Goals

Identify where your customers are having problems as well as identify obstacles to users reaching the end goal. We create custom goals to increase visibility into what matters most for your business.

Image of custom goals
Visit Logs

See every click and visualize the customer journey. Know more about when, how, what, where, and who visits your site.

Image of visit log
Heat Mapping

Know exactly where customers are drawn to on your page and create enhanced visibility into the user experience.

Session Recording

Watch a customer complete their journey to visualize behavior and understand their desires and ultimate outcomes.

Customer Behavior

See customer’s entry, exit, transition, and outlinks for your site.

Image of page urls
Customer Acquisition

Create visibility around lead generation campaigns and know what social networking, keywords, or websites are driving customers to your site.

Image of channel engagement

As a full service solution provider, we can also offer the option to run A/B champion challenger testing.

Whether you’re interested in seeing your customers’ click-by-click journey or monitoring your conversion rate, click here to try it for free.